I have been working with Morgan for a few months now. I have always been driven and passionate. But, I have never known how to direct my passion. I have always had big goals and aspirations, but I never knew how to achieve them. Working with Morgan, he helped me to reverse engineer my goals and break them down from long term goals to short term actionable steps. He has held me accountable to take action and has offered me life changing advice. Since I started working with Morgan, I have completely improved my outlook on life and I am starting to become very solution focused. I am so grateful to have Morgan in my corner. Thank you Morgan

Aaron Boucher

I found the experience to be incredibly valuable in both personal and business growth. I enjoy our meetings for the open conversations, objective perspective and wealth of knowledge that Morgan can provide as a business owner. The goals that Morgan has help me set have given me a clear idea of where I want to be and how to take the steps to get there. I would recommend Empower-Men to people who are looking to work on themselves and enhance their productivity in whatever form of business or work that they do. I will be personally recommending him to family as I have great results from working with him.

Chris F.

Morgan is not only a great coach, he has become an inspiration to me as to how to deal with problems, personal, professional and just life in general. There are plenty of coaches out there but very few who deal with just men and he has an incredible understanding of what being a man is all about. He guides men to find what is the best part of themselves but it is rarely discovered as society forces it to be buried and hidden. If you are looking for a coach that can help you find that in yourself I highly recommend you give Morgan at Empower-Men a try you won’t be disappointed!

Don Nault

I found Morgan very honest with the ability to go deep smoothly. he definitely is a great coach. 💯 recommended

Masoud Baghelani

After working with several coaches in my lifetime, I can honestly say that Morgan cares about my personal success more than any of the prior ones I have worked with. He takes the time and effort to understand my needs and has helped me personally work through some serious issues involving my business and mental health. I would recommend Morgan to anyone going through a tumultuous time in their life who needs a guide to help them through it.

Nick Malcolm